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433 Truesdale Hill Rd
Lake George, NY, 12845
United States


Let us help you make your second home, hunting cabin or log home dream exactly what you've envisioned. Woodland Things' decor features hand crafted cedar log furniture of superior quality and strength and pine rustic furniture for cozy cabin retreats. Picture your lodge walls with barn wood signs or wildlife wall tapestries, maybe ledge stone mirrors. For comfort, warmth and color, adorn furniture with log home cabin throws and lodge pillows. Warm floors with deeply cut, textured wildlife and hunting lodge rugs for bedroom, living room and kitchen. We offer you affordable kitchen and bath rustic and contemporary log home decor. Choose from rustic antler lighting or highest quality handcrafted brass and copper onion lanterns with hand blown globes for indoor cabin lighting and welcoming outdoor lighting. We have fishing and hunting decor from fishing creel baskets to duck decoys to patina metal sculptures.  



Shop Woodland Things for hunting and fishing rugs, bear and moose wildlife rugs and western lodge rugs for all living areas in your home. Soft, warm cabin rugs colored by nature, hand carved for outstanding definition and design. With many cabin area rugs, runners and full size lodge rugs, you'll find the sizes and designs that reflect your personal style.
Check the SALE page for cabin rugs we're currently featuring. 

Black Bear Walking Rug
Canoe Lodge Rug
Black Bear Red Rock Cabin Rug
from 200.00
Woodland Patchwork Cabin Rug
from 200.00
Nevada Sunset Lodge Rug
from 200.00
HS7783 Take the Lead Ebony.JPG
Family Tracks Rug
from 112.00
HS7662 Cowboy up Rustic.jpg
Rustic Lodge Cowboy Round Up Rug
from 195.00
HS7663 Cowboy up Midnight.jpg
Midnight Lodge Cowboy Round Up Rug
from 195.00
HS7611 Rio Grande Antique - Hi Res.jpg
Arrow Lodge Rug
from 125.00
HS7482 Appalachian.jpg
Pine Forest Bears Rug
from 104.00
HS7472 Toccoa.jpg
Wood Grid Bear Rug
from 112.00
HS7463 Vogel.jpg
Salmon Fishing Cabin Rug
from 112.00
Quilted Earth Tones Lodge Rug
from 185.00
Pine Cone Boughs Cabin Rug
from 118.00
HS4882 MULTI Woodlands  Bear.png
Woodland Bear Rug
from 112.00
HS3783 Rustic Panel Ebony.jpg
Rustic Earth Tones Rug
from 112.00
HS3683 Western Star.JPG
Lodge Star of the West Rug
from 112.00
Camping Trip Cabin Rug
from 200.00
Buffalo Plaid Bear and Canoe Cabin Rug
from 200.00
Earth Tones of the West Lodge Rug
from 120.00
Pine Bluff Lodge Rug
from 120.00
Black on Red Lodge Rug
from 200.00
Mountain Life Lodge Rug
from 200.00
Pine Cones and Acorns Cabin Rug
from 139.95
Forest Trail Lodge Rug
from 110.00
AD3853 Masters Lodge Ebony.jpg
The Great Lodge Rug
from 110.00
AD3843 Cheyenne Multi (1).png
Stampede Lodge Rug
from 110.00
AD3833 Amarillo Rust.png
Western Texas Star Rust Rug
from 120.00
AD3825 Mt Le Conte Multi.jpg
Pinecone Edge Cabin Rug
from 110.00
AD3803 Brasstown Bald Multi.jpg
Pinecones & Acorns Cabin Rug
from 110.00
AD3793 Cades Cove Multi.jpg
Bear Territory Lodge Rug
from 110.00
Tile Patterns Lodge Rug
from 89.00
Wildlife Squares Lodge Rug
from 89.00
512 25429 Rainbow Trout.jpg
Rainbow Trout Cabin Rug
from 89.00
512 25859 Native Bear Toffee.jpg
Toffee Native Black Bear Cabin Rug
from 89.95
530-51043_FOREST TRAIL - lodge.jpg
Woodland Trail Lodge Rug
from 98.00
Wilderness Pattern Cabin Rug
from 89.95
511 28059 Bear Wilderness_Toffee.jpg
Forest and Stream Cabin Rug
from 89.95
Native Talon Bluen Lodge Rug
from 98.95
511 27359 Urban Lodge_Toffee.jpg
Toffee Contemporary Moose Lodge Rug
from 89.95
511 27329 Urban Lodge_Terracotta.jpg
Terracotta Contemporary Moose Lodge Rug
from 89.95
511 25159 Autumn Bliss.jpg
Autumn Leaves Falling Lodge Rug
from 89.00
511 25929 Soaring Diamond Terracotta.jpg
Red Rust Native Diamond Lodge Rug
from 98.95
511 25266 Native Canvas Smoke Blue.jpg
Native Bluen Earth Lodge Rug
from 98.95
511 25259 Native Canvas Toffee.jpg
Native Red Earth Lodge Rug
from 98.95
Moose Bear & Wolf Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-52145_DREAM CATCHER_Green_69.jpg
Native American Green Dream Catcher Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-24717 Timberland.jpg
Fishing In The Woods Cabin Rug
from 98.00
512 25559 Moose Wilderness.jpg
Modern Moose Cabin Rug
from 89.00
512 25829 Native Bear.jpg
Native Black Bear Cabin Rug
from 89.00
Arizona Blue Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-29236_ARIZONA - crimson.jpg
Arizona Red Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-32943 Bearwalk.jpg
Bear Walk Lodge Rug
from 98.00
Coytie Lodge Rug
from 98.00
Fishing Wildlife Woodland Lodge Rug
from 98.00
Leaves Cabin Rug
from 98.00
530-41817 Tartan Loon.jpg
Loon Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-41117 Lakeside.jpg
Fishing Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-43717_PINE CONES_Nat.jpg
Pine Cone Branch Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-23243_HIGHLAND FALLS_lodge.jpg
Autumn Moose Woodland Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-52143_DREAM CATCHER_Lodge_69.jpg
Native American Dream Catcher Lodge Rug
from 98.00
Moose and Bear Woodland Lodge Rug
from 98.00
512 25729 Wilderness Stream.jpg
By The Stream Moose Cabin Rug
from 89.00
530-47636_BUFFALO RED_Crmsn.jpg
Buffalo Deer Woodland Lodge Rug
from 98.00
Buffalo Lodge Rug
from 98.00
530-52543_CHESTNUT MARE_Lodge.jpg
Galloping Mares Lodge Rug
from 98.00
Raw Hide Cowboy Lodge Rug
from 98.00
P:757532-C:24-7532_00024_201 900.jpg
Kiva Ebony
from 79.99
P:537532-C:470-7532_00470_201 900.jpg
Kiva Velvet Brown
from 79.99
P:537532-C:157-7532_00157_201 900.jpg
Kiva Smog
from 79.99
P:537532-C:568-7532_00568_201 900.jpg
Kiva Hazy Forest
from 79.99
P:537532-C:366-7532_00366_201 900.jpg
Kiva Autumn Forest
from 79.99
P:534571-C:10000-4571 C10000 S201 900.jpg
Shiba Garnet
from 84.99
P:534571-C:12000-4571 C12000 S201 900.jpg
Shiba Garnet Sapphire
from 84.99
P:534571-C:11500-4571 C11500 S201 900.jpg
Shiba Olive
from 84.99
P:534571-C:8500-4571 C8500 S201 900.jpg
Shiba Brick
from 84.99
P:534571-C:5730-4571 C5730 S201 900.jpg
Shiba Oregano
from 84.99
P:534885-C:2000-4885 C2000 S201 900.jpg
Eagle Canyon Opal
from 84.99
P:534885-C:12000-4885 C12000 S201 900.jpg
Eagle Canyon Sapphire
from 84.99
P:534885-C:1000-4885 C1000 S201 900.jpg
Eagle Canyon Pearl Mist
from 84.99
P:534885-C:11000-4885 C11000 S201 900.jpg
Eagle Canyon Emerald
from 84.99
P:534885-C:10000-4885 C10000 S201 900.jpg
Eagle Canyon Garnet
from 84.99
P:534886-C:6000-4886 C6000 S201 900.jpg
Prairie Star Peridot
from 84.99
P:534886-C:12000-4886 C12000 S201 900.jpg
Prairie Star Sapphire
from 84.99
P:534886-C:2000-4886 C2000 S201 900.jpg
Prairie Star Opal
from 84.99
P:534886-C:11000-4886 C11000 S201 900.jpg
Prairie Star Emerald
from 84.99
P:534886-C:10000-4886 C10000 S201 900.jpg
Prairie Star Garnet
from 84.99